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Phew! Aamir Khan's PK poster-thon 3 down, 7 more to go

Sep 16, 2014    

Back in the'90s, there was a cinematic gem called Raja Babu, starring Govinda. Govinda, who wasRaja Babu in the film, had a wall full of photographs of his own fine self in various costumes. One showed him wearing a lawyer's robe, another had him dressed like a pilot, so on and so forth. Judging from the poster-thon thatPKis unleashing on us in order to whet our appetites in preparation for its December release, Govinda's Raja Babu has nothing on Aamir Khan's alien.The latest PKposter was launched today and it shows Khan dressed as a policeman, wearing a uniform that is clearly too big for him...

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