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First 30 Minutes_ Dragon Ball Z_ Budokai 3 [PS2] Part 2/2

Buy this game (Amazon): http_// First 30 minutes of gameplay from the fighting game Dragon Ball Z_ Budokai 3 My first 30 minute videos are a se...

Are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter hiding female abuse data?

Sep 18, 2014    

New York Are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter hiding responses related to female harassment? If we believe a new study, the social media firms are not faring well on publishing abuse-reporting data.The report, released as part of the Association for Progressive Communications' "Take Back the Tech" campaign and commissioned by the Dutch government, analysed the microblogging site Twitter, social networking site Facebook, and video-sharing site YouTube's user policies and their public response to international abuse incidents over the past five years.It analysed the statistics from the th...

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