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NBA 2k13 - NBA Finals 2013 - Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

I drove all the way down to Tanks college to make some videos with him. Please leave a LIKE and FAV to show support. Thanks! My Twitter: Instagram: @DukeThaKilla My Facebook:

Twitter, YouTube and Selfies: This is how Modi built his post-Gujarat GenNext avatar

May 19, 2015    

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the most popular leaderon Twitter after US President Barack Obama, has successfully used social media to shape his public image as a tech savvy leader, anew study has claimed.Joyojeet Pal, a scholar from University of Michigan, in a paper titled "Banalities Turned Viral: Narendra Modi and the Political Tweet," said that PM Modi uses social media as a personal signal than for issues."Modi has used social media successfully to shape his public image as a tech savvy leader, aligning himself with the aspirations of a younger generation in In...

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