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Fotos de los Restos Del Lear Jet de Jenni Rivera y sus Tripulantes

Ecuentran Restos de Jenny Rivera y el jet donde viajaba en cual perdio la vida el 9 de Diciembre del 2012. Los restos de Jenni Rivera llegaron a Long Beach California. Cuando Muere una Dama. Piloto y copiloto de la avioneta donde viajaba Jenni Rivera. Imagenes Fuertes. Libro de Jenny RiveraMuert ...

A 415-pointer: Trick-shot YouTube channel breaks world record for highest basketball shot

Jun 15, 2015    

Un-be-lie-vable. Trick-shot YouTube channel How Ridiculous scored a basket from 415 feet to break the world record for the highest basketball shot and the video of the incredible achievement is so good you could play it on loop throughout the day.The previous Guinness World Record was also held by the same group when they netted from a height of about 299 feet off the Euromast in the Netherlands two years ago.This shot was taken from the top of Australia's Gordon Dam which itself is 460-feet high.Check out the video below this is one heck of a 415-pointer.

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