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ماينكرافت: خالد كويت - دحوم999 - مشاري - البيت الجديد - Ep11

لايك - مفضله - أششتراك '♥.♥ تمت أعاده رفع المقطع من قبل مشينما الاحمر م.ق.ع لحقوق طبع العاب ()' طآئر النورس :!/KhaledQ84Everطرق التواصل معي ♥.♥-My ID : Khaled-Q8 Ask.Fm : http ...

Here's what marketers think of YouTube's data analytics capabilities

Aug 25, 2015    

Despite an increasingly competitive environment in which established players and startups alike are venturing headfirst into video content and advertising, YouTube has continued to deliver strong financial results and robust usage stats. The Google-owned platform is poised for further success as marketers continue to regard it as an essential element in their branded content and advertising campaigns, according to a new eMarketer report.YouTubes gross ad revenues worldwide will reach $9.50 billion this year, a 25.0 percent gain, eMarketer estimated. (Google does not break out YouTube revenues ...

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