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الاتجاه المعاكس جوزيف أبو فاضل محي الدين اللاذقاني 31.01

الاتجاه المعاكس الحلقة كاملة وهجوم جوزيف أبو فاضل على محي الدين اللاذقاني الجزيرة فيصل القاسم أخبار سورية 31 01 2012 http:// ...

Ahead of Budget 2016, Arun Jaitley stars in Finance Ministry's YouTube channel

Feb 05, 2016    

New Delhi: India's Finance Minister Arun Jaitley takes a starring role in a new YouTube channel launched by his ministry, in an apparent attempt to appeal to youth audiences ahead of the upcoming budget.[caption id="attachment_2573102" align="alignleft" width="380"]Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Finance Minister Arun Jaitley[/caption]...

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