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[신사의 품격 OST Part.3] Big Baby Driver - You are everywhere (DL)

紳士的品格電視原聲帶 Part 3 Big Baby Driver - You are everywhere (DL) ================ Gentleman's Dignity / The Dignity Of The Gentleman OST Big Baby Driver - You are...

Female Yahoo executive sued by another woman for sexual harassment

Jul 12, 2014    

A high-level female Yahoo Inc executive has been sued in California by a woman who worked under her and is accusing her former boss of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Maria Zhang, a senior director of engineering at Yahoo Mobile, has been sued by Nan Shi, who worked as a principal software engineer in Yahoo from February 2013, according to a complaint filed on July 8 in Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose, California.

The complaint alleges that Zhang coerced Shi to h...

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