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Comment créer un nouveau compte dans Windows Live Mail.

Web Visibility agent DNS, vous aide dans la configuration de votre nouveau compte dans Windows Live Mail. Que ce soit pour créer un nouveau compte dans Windows Live Mail ou tout autre informations dont vous auriez besoin pour votre aventure sur cette toile qu'est internet, n'hésitez pas à nous de ...

Alex Stamos quits Yahoo, to join Facebook as chief security officer

Jun 25, 2015    

Alex Stamos, the CISO at Yahoo has moved on to become Chief Security Officer at Facebook. Updating this development on a Facebook post, Stamos mentioned how the Internet has been an incredible force for connecting the world and giving individuals access to personal, educational and economic opportunities that are unprecedented in human history. These benefits are not without risk, he says, and it is the responsibility of their industry to build the safest, most trustworthy products possible.Facebook, he says, is best positioned to tackle the challenges faced by today's Internet users and also ...

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