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Hossein Tehrani | حسین تهرانی‌

تکنوازی تنبک Tonbak Soloحسین تهرانی‌ Hossein Tehraniحسین تهرانی از استادان برجستهٔ موسیقی ایرانی و نوازنده برجسته ضرب (تمبک) بود. او در تنبک‌نوازی تحول‌های اساسی ایجاد ن ...

Russia orders Wikipedia page blocked over cannabis link| Reuters

Aug 25, 2015    

MOSCOW A Russian government agency on Monday ordered Internet providers block access to a page on the Russian-language version of Wikipedia for containing banned information on a type of cannabis.The move could lead to the Russian-language version of Wikipedia becoming totally inaccessible, the organisation that supports the website warned, since Wikipedia uses a protected protocol which means providers cannot block separate pages on the same site.Since President Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin in 2012, Russia has passed legislation banning sites that contain child pornography, drug-rel...

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