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Hossein Tehrani | حسین تهرانی‌

تکنوازی تنبک Tonbak Soloحسین تهرانی‌ Hossein Tehraniحسین تهرانی از استادان برجستهٔ موسیقی ایرانی و نوازنده برجسته ضرب (تمبک) بود. او در تنبک‌نوازی تحول‌های اساسی ایجاد ن ...

'Nehru's grandfather was Muslim': Wikipedia pages changed from govt IP address, Congress demands apology

Jul 02, 2015    

Tweaking and misinterpreting Indian history in textbooks and public discourse is nothing new for the Indians, and now the practice might be finally catching up with the digital age.On 26 June, @AnonGoIWPEdits, a Twitter handle which 'tracks all anonymous edits of English Wikipedia (ie, w/o editor being logged in) from a wide range of Govt of India IP addresses,' reported an edit to Jawaharlal Nehru's Wikipedia page.The revisions, originated from a Government of India IP address, said Nehru's grandfather Gangadhar Nehru was a Muslim, reports the Times of India. Salacious details of his "af...

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