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SATANS NWO and UFO cover ups in the white house. pt 1 of 2 wmv

Time to wake up to the real truth about our lying rulers. These people are criminals and need to tried for crimes against humanity. These people are the real...

White House petition wants Obama to raise issues of Sikhs during India visit

Dec 27, 2014    

Washington: An online White House petition asking US President Barack Obama to raise the issues of Sikhcommunity during his India visit next month has attracted more than 100,000 signatures.Launched on December 1 by New York-based 'Sikh for Justice', the online petition "urges Obama to question 'Why Indian constitution labels 'Sikhs' as Hindus?' and raise the issues of 'Sikh Genocide' and 'Sikhs' Right to Self-determination".Till yesterday, the online petition on the White House website had attracted more than 114,000 signatures. Any online petition with more than 100,000 signatures ...

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