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SATANS NWO and UFO cover ups in the white house. pt 1 of 2 wmv

Time to wake up to the real truth about our lying rulers. These people are criminals and need to tried for crimes against humanity. These people are the real danger to world peace not some...

Meet Luther: Obama's anger translator during White House correspondents' dinner

Apr 27, 2015    

Keegan-Michael Key, popularly known as Key from the comedian duo Kee and Peele, made a dramatic entry alongsideUS president Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner speech on Saturday.Playing Obama's anger translator, Luther, portrayed by a sharp looking Key, provided a comic, dramatic foil to Obama's diplomatic speech.While Obama said, "In our fast-changing world, traditions like the White House correspondents dinner are important," Key, who was standing beside him like a shadow, responded with, "I mean really, what is this dinner and why I am required to come to ...

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