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SATANS NWO and UFO cover ups in the white house. pt 1 of 2 wmv

Time to wake up to the real truth about our lying rulers. These people are criminals and need to tried for crimes against humanity. These people are the real...

White House's big dilemma What to serve PM Modi during his fast?

Oct 01, 2014    

Washington What do you serve a man who isn't eating? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was served warm water and an empty plate as the guest of honour at a White House dinner Monday night and again at a State Department luncheon Tuesday.It may seem odd to serve a dinner of crisped halibut with ginger carrot sauce to welcome a man who's in the midst of a nineday religious fast. People experienced in diplomatic protocol say such a circumstance is indeed rare yet perfectly appropriate, so long as the visiting leader is pleased to sit and sip water while others dine.Most would covet the invitat...

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