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TF2 / Channel Update!! - Dual Commentary - Episode #1

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Social media boos Wal-Mart's 'fat girl costume' goof up on Halloween

Oct 29, 2014    

Traditionally, holidays are about spreading cheer and joy--- but Wal-Mart is neither spreading joy nor getting any of it.Twitter usersraised hell on Wednesday after the US retail giantlabelled the plus-size category ofHalloweencostumes as 'fat girls' costumes' on its website.Wal-Mart was quick tofix the goof but not before multiple screen grabs were clicked and were doing rounds of social media.Twitterati branded the description as "unacceptable", "rude" and "shameful."Truth in advertising, not always the best idea #walmart #fatgirlcostumes #Halloween pic.twitter....

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