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Sanal Edamaruku, Indian blasphemy law victim, invites you to hear him speak in Ireland

This weekend (Saturday 24 November) Sanal Edamaruku starts a speaking tour of Ireland. Atheist Ireland is hosting four public meetings, in Dublin, Cork, Galw...

N-Korea seeks United Nations meeting on US-South Korea drills

Aug 04, 2014    

United Nations North Korea said on Friday it has asked for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to protest upcoming US-South Korean military exercises, warning the drills increase the danger of war on the Korean peninsula.North Korea's deputy ambassador Ri Tong Il criticised the council for its failure to respond to the country's 21 July letter requesting a meeting. He said the joint exercises are a threat to international peace and security that must be addressed.If there is any "spark" during the exercises, Ri warned, "it would easily and immediately turn into war" an...

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