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Zizan's message for Zizan's Twitter Family...recorded at Tanah Aina by Eym Jozannerz...thx Kak Eym..we love you :)

'Don't abuse on social media': Shah Rukh Khan refrains from Twitter due to negativity

Feb 03, 2016    

New Delhi: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he likes to maintain distance from social media due to all the negativity that surfaces in the virtual world.The cine icon also urged his fans to refrain from abusing and trolling other actors on social media. Shah Rukh shared his take on social media through #fame, a live video social platform.When a question "Why have you not been on Twitter lately" surfaced, the actor asserted that he likes to be out of the Twitter world because he ends up reading “idiotic stuff” whether he likes it or not.[caption id="attachment_2556588" a...

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