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South Commons Magic Lantern Civil Magistrate Supreme Subordinate Puzzle Underground Solution

How to solve the South Commons Magic Lantern Puzzle in Assassin's Creed 3. It unlocks an underground Fast Travel point / station / tunnel entrance. Please LI...

#Hellyeah! Who is this new Congress Twitter sensation Americai Narayanan?

Oct 20, 2014    

Americai V Narayanan, a Congress spokesperson, has become a Twitter sensation overnight. So if you were wondering why #HellYeah is trending on your Twitter timeline and not #ModiTsunami or #ShivSenaDilemma, it is because despite BJP's big win in Haryana and Maharashtra yesterday, Americai Narayanan won social media.So, why is he being talked about? Certainly not because of his Twitter profile description which reads, "We can transform India into a magnificent country,that people from all over the world should be lining up to be in India". Sure.In an interview to Times Now last night,...

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