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Learn English: Daily English Dictation 201 & Listening Comprehension

Daily Dictation is an ESL channel on YouTube for people who want to improve their English listening skills. Each lesson has a sentence (or two) for dictation, and the following lesson has the answers AND the next dictation^^If you can SAY it, you can HEAR it!! Pronunciation is VERY important^^ ...

Tripura governor calls mourners at Yakub Memon's funeral 'potential terrorists', gets slammed on Twitter

Aug 01, 2015    

Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy's tweets about Yakub Memon's funeral have evoked sharp responses fromeveryone. 70-year-old Roy tweeted saying those who attended the last rites of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon were potential terrorists, who must now be keenly watched by the intelligence agencies.Intelligence shd keep a tab on all (expt relatives & close friends) who assembled bfr Yakub Memon's corpse. Many are potential terrorists Tathagata Roy (@tathagata2) July 31, 2015Yakub Memon was hanged early on Thursday in Nagpur Central Prison after a historic pre-dawn Supreme Court hea...

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