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Learn English: Daily English Dictation 201 & Listening Comprehension

Daily Dictation is an ESL channel on YouTube for people who want to improve their English listening skills. Each lesson has a sentence (or two) for dictation, and the following lesson has the answers AND the next dictation^^If you can SAY it, you can HEAR it!! Pronunciation is VERY important^^ ...

#ModinMathura: Twitter reacts to PM's speech marking one year in office

May 25, 2015    

Very few things divide Indians on Twitter as much as reactions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Each day anew hashtag trends on Twitter ranging from #ModiIndiasPride to #ModiInsultsIndia.While thismay or may not bereflective of how the larger population feels, on social media there is no middle ground, you either love him or you don't.Even before Modi began his rally in Mathura to mark his first anniversary as prime minister, #ModiInMathura was trending worldwide on Twitter and by the time he finished, it was the top trend in India. And like every Modi trend, his Mathura speechalso evoked diame...

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