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Don Giancarlo Quadri, Giornata Mondiale del Migrante e del Rifugiato 2013

Più informazioni: Mondiale del Migrante e del Rifugiato 2013 Migrazione, fede, povertà e diritti della persona Papa Benedetto XVI come ogni anno ha dato il messaggio per la Giornata Mondiale del ...

A woman called Sarah O'Connor tweets about a robot killing a VW worker and Twitter goes on Terminator overdrive

Jul 02, 2015    

A Financial Times correspondent tweeted about a robot thatkilled a worker in a VW plant in Germany. So why is she suddenly a celebrity onTwitter and is actually asking people not to follow her?All because of her innocuous name and a popular film franchise.The woman in question, isnamed Sarah O'Connor and she was talking about a killer robot. Sounds familiar?Maybe because a certain Sarah Connor is thefemale protagonist in theTerminator franchise and a fan favorite in thefilms about evil robots and saving the human race. Now that's called coincidence!A robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in ...

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