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ตกแต่งรถตู้ Toyota Commuter Benz Vito Console Style

รถตู้ Toyota Commmuter คันนี้ได้ทำการตกแต่งคอนโซลเป็นแบบ เบนซ์วีโต้ Benz Vito Console Style ชุดคอนโซลพักเท้ารถตู้ Benz Vito Style พร้อมเบาะน ...

Toyota gives first forecast for shrinking sales in at least 15 years

Jan 22, 2015    

TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp projected a drop in vehicle sales for the year ahead, its first such bearish forecast in at least 15 years, as flagging demand in Japan, Indonesia and other key markets raises the chance that Volkswagen will steal the industry crown.The forecast underscores Chief Executive Akio Toyoda's resolve to steer the company through measured, profitable growth rather than chase volumes after getting burned by a capacity glut in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis.Toyota said on Wednesday it expects 2015 global vehicle sales, including those of subsidiaries Da...

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