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Jak usunąć wirusa na skype - Hej to twój nowy obraz profil [HD]

Cześć jako, że ostatnio na skype pojawiło się kolejne gówno, postanowiłem nagrać poradnik jak je usunąć. Wirus ten spamuję nam co pewien czas do wszystkich naszych znajomych wiadomością: "Hej to twój nowy obraz profil? Link do wirusa".Jeżeli pomogłem daj kciuka w górę oraz zasubk ...

Woah! American filmmaker directs an entire Kannada film over Skype

Sep 10, 2015    

Upcoming Kannada film Road King will be the first Indian movie to be directed over Skype. Yes, you read it right. The entire movie was directed over the video-call application Skype.Winner of the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival for his movie Life of Lemon, American filmmaker Randy Kent was scheduled to direct this Kannada film, when he ran into some issues with his visa. But that didn't deter him from going ahead with the project, reports the Huffington Post.Kent had initially agreed to direct the film for his friend Mateen Hussain, who recently returned to India ...

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