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The Best Indian Debate Ever - Arnab Goswami VS Abhijit Mukherjee

The Indian Reporter rips off the minister asking him questions in a Rough and bold manner never seen on television in Indian history before. Debate_ Abhijit ...

Shiv Sena MP force feeds fasting Muslim A curious case of communal chapati

Jul 24, 2014    

By Sandip Roy and Lakshmi ChaudhryNobody was manhandled, but if you keep abusing, will someone not slap?Or force a Muslim catering supervisor to eat a chapatti and thus break his Ramzan fast?When asked about the incident at the Maharashtra Sadan by The Indian Express, Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant opted for outrage -- or is it 'reverse outrage' -- launching into a litany of grievances the Shiv Sena MPs have about the Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi.His complaints are many The catering is run by the Railways who know nothing about Maharashtrian food. Even the water is stale. And when they went to c...

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