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India Richest Man_- Mukesh Ambani Television Interview With FAREED ZAKARIA

FAREED ZAKARIA, HOST_ Mukesh Ambani hasn't given a television interview in almost a decade. He has never let TV cameras into his 27-story home in Mumbai. Unt...

Reliance Industries ship conducts underwater videography of sunk naval vessel

Nov 18, 2014    

New Delhi: A chartered vessel of Reliance Industries today conducted underwater videography of a navytorpedo recovery vessel (TRV) that had sunk on 6 November off the coast of Visakhapatnam, leaving one dead and four missing.The wreck of TRV 72 has been observed to be in an upright position at a depth of about 370 metres. "It is now planned to analyse the captured video footage and determine further course of action," a statement by the navy said.The navy had sought assistance of Reliance Industries Ltd in conduct of underwater videography of TRV 72 wreck by utilising a remotely ope...

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