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Interview to Simon Field

Simon Field, Project Leader in the reviews of vocational education and training at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) interviewed by Claudio Dondi, vice-President of the Menon Network

Vodafone case: Indian indulgence to MNCs when OECD is fighting transfer pricing capers

Oct 10, 2015    

The formidable OECD is fighting the multinational corporations transfer pricing capers.MNCs have a rich repertoire of tax tricks to frustrate tax authorities. The inland revenue department of the US was peeved with Apple for shifting bulk of its profits to Ireland, a country that has been positioning itself as a latter day, if miniature, version of Switzerland.When international pressure especially from the US and its ally the UK was brought to bear on it, it admitted to indulging in tax capers but justified it on the ground that it had a compelling reason to do so - providing employment to it...

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