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First Televised Exorcism

First Televised Exorcism! Recorded in Chicago, IL on NBC in 1971 with Carole Simpson interviewing the Becker family about their haunted home. Exorcism was co...

Sectarian tensions set stage for Iraq conflict, Obama says - NBC

Jun 21, 2014    

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq's conflict is the result of sectarian divisions that have been allowed to fester, President Barack Obama said on Friday."Some of the forces that have always possibly pulled Iraq apart are stronger now, (and) those forces that could keep the country united are weaker," he told NBC Nightly News. "It is ultimately going to be up to the Iraqi leadership to try to pull the politics of the country back together again."Obama is sending U.S. military advisers to Iraq and has threatened air strikes as Sunni Islamists have seized the north of the country a...

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