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НЛО около Солнца, без путаницы, с чем путают НЛО February 25, 2013 © NASA

С чем путают НЛО ,подробнее в плейлисте: Желающим оказать финансовую поддержку в развитии нашего канала Youtube Сбербанк SWIFT-code: SABRRUMMTN1 ...

NASA accused of censoring 'Jesus'; Christian employees threaten to sue

Feb 09, 2016    

US government agency NASA is being accused of illegal censorship by some of its Christian employees after the word 'Jesus' was allegedly banned from a newsletter.[caption id="attachment_2618464" align="alignleft" width="380"]NASA. Ibnlive NASA. Ibnlive[/caption]The JSC Praise & Worship Club placed an advertisement in an email to promote a meeting say...

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