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NASA | La Verdad sobre el 2012 - Las Tormentas Solares

¿Deberíamos estar preocupados de las tormentas solares en el 2012? El heliofísico Alex Young del Centro Goddard de Vuelos Espaciales de la NASA, separa la verdad de la ficción.

Up next for Nasa, missions to Venus and near-earth objects by 2020

Oct 01, 2015    

Washington:In its quest to explore Venus, near-earth objects and bizarre metal asteroids, Nasahas zeroed on five key science investigations among 27 proposals through its ambitious Discovery programme.Once selected after refinement, one or two missions can get the green signal for flying to their destinations as early as 2020, the US space agency announced on Wednesday.Each investigation team will receive $3 million to conduct concept design studies and analyses.After a detailed review and evaluation of the concept studies, Nasa will make the final selections by September 2016 for continued de...

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