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Venus Hoy | Fenómeno astronómico en el año apocalíptico | Vídeos NASA

Uno de los fenómenos astronómicos que se suman a las coincidencias y alineaciones planetarias, como nunca antes, en este 2012. El planeta Venus fiel a su cita se alineó entre la Tierra y el Sol, lo que permitió su visibilidad en la mayor parte del mundo, en algunos casos en al alba y otros como ...

'Dhartiyo ke wasiyon ki or se namashkar': Listen to sounds NASA launched into space for aliens

Jul 30, 2015    

Washington: NASA has uploaded to SoundCloud the recordings of various sounds on Earth that were carried on the two Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977, to greet any extraterrestrials that the probes may encounter.And one of the greetings, in different languages, is in Hindi. It says, "Dhartiyo ke wasiyon ki or se namashkar (Greetings from the earthlings)"Among the sounds selected to represent all of humanity were recordings of rain, a mother and child, stone tools and a heartbeat.The recordings have been online for years as clunky individual sound clips. But now, for the first time ...

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