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A Few Variabilities Affecting Earth's Surface Temperature (UTSA TATE video)

This is a video project for a research writing summer bridge at UTSA called Transfer Academy for Tomorrow's Engineers (TATE). TATE is NASA sponsored program for engineering students transferring to UTSA from an Alamo Community College.Our research paper focused on 3 variables that make it difficu ...

What's the fuss about? India and Pakistan share serene embrace in a Nasa photograph

Oct 06, 2015    

Indian and Pakistan might be quarreling on several issues, from Kashmir to cross-border terrorism, but the view from above, far above, is quite different.Yes, things might look grim on the ground, but from space, it's a different story.Nasahas released a photo taken by anastronaut aboard the International Space Station which captures the India-Pakistan border in the nighttime. The photograph manages to include Karachi, visible as a cluster of lights facing a completely black Arabian Sea, the Indus Valley, the foothills of Himalayas and the winding border between Indianand Pakistan, lit by secu...

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