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Õsi idegenek IV: A NASA-kapcsolat.

A kutatók a NASA tudósai, egykori ũrhajósok és a kormány titkos aktáit vizsgálják, és rámutatnak a bizonyítékokra, melyek szerint a múltban már történt kapcsolatfelvétel a földön kívüliekkel.

NASA unveils boomerang-shaped aircraft that could fly to Mars

Jul 02, 2015    

Washington: NASA has unveiled a boomerang-shaped aircraft that could be the first to take flight on Mars to look for potential landing sites for future manned mission to the red planet.A prototype of the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars, or Prandtl-m, which is a flying wing aircraft with a twist, is planned to be ready for launch from a high altitude balloon later this year, NASA said.The Prandtlm will be released at about at 100,000 feet altitude, which will simulate the flight conditions of the Martian atmosphere, said Al Bowers, NASA Armstrong chief scientist and Pran...

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