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Ditemukan Planet baru mirip Bumi - Kepler 22b

Para ilmuwan NASA sudah mengkonfirmasi mengenai penemuan planet baru mirip bumi yang bernama KEPLER 22b yang berjarak 600 tahun kecepatan cahaya dari bumi.

Critical NASA research from International Space Station returns to Earth

May 22, 2015    

Washington:Carrying almost 3100 pounds of critical NASA cargo from the International Space Station (ISS), the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft has made a splash down in the Pacific Ocean.The cargo includes research on how spaceflight and microgravity affect the ageing process and bone health.The spacecraft was successfully released from the ISS's robotic arm on Thursday, the US space agency said in a statement.The capsule then performed a series of departure burns and maneuvers to move beyond the 200-metre "keep out sphere" around the station and begin its return trip to the Earth.&quo...

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