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Fotos marte curioso nave curiosity alta qualidade NASA

06/08/2012 21h24 - Atualizado em 06/08/2012 21h28 Cientistas comemoram pouso da nave-robô 'Curiosity' em Marte Viagem começou em novembro de 2011. O robô percorreu 570 milhões de quilômetros. Foi dentro de uma cápsula até a atmosfera marciana. Depois, com a ajuda dos motores, pousou suavem ...

What's the fuss about? India and Pakistan share serene embrace in a Nasa photograph

Oct 06, 2015    

Indian and Pakistan might be quarreling on several issues, from Kashmir to cross-border terrorism, but the view from above, far above, is quite different.Yes, things might look grim on the ground, but from space, it's a different story.Nasahas released a photo taken by anastronaut aboard the International Space Station which captures the India-Pakistan border in the nighttime. The photograph manages to include Karachi, visible as a cluster of lights facing a completely black Arabian Sea, the Indus Valley, the foothills of Himalayas and the winding border between Indianand Pakistan, lit by secu...

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