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Earth Day 2012 - A Compilation Of Three Great videos

I hope this video helps raise your vibration, Helps you awaken to source, all that is, prime creator, The universe, the boundless source of unconditional lov...

Nasa's 'flying saucer' for Mars splashes back down after test

Jun 29, 2014    

Los Angeles A saucer-shaped NASA vehicle testing new technology for Mars landings made a successful rocket ride over the Pacific, but its massive descent parachute only partially unfurled. The Low Density Supersonic Decelerator was lifted by balloon 120,000 feet (36,575 meters) into the air from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The vehicle then rocketed even higher before deploying a novel inflatable braking system.But cheers rapidly died Saturday as a gigantic chute designed to slow its fall to splashdown in the ocean emerged tangled. Still, NASA officials said it's a pretty good test of technol...

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