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Confirmed UFO Sighting Over London 28,10,2012

New UFO sighting Over London 28,10,2012 the unidentified flying object can been seen flying low over the motorway at high speed ***************copyright noti...

NASA Curiosity rover to probe mysterious rocks on planet Mars

Nov 21, 2014    

Washington: NASA has sent its Mars Curiosity rover to investigate a mysterious set of rocks on the Red Planet.The rover has completed a reconnaissance "walkabout" of the first outcrop it reached at the base of the mission's destination mountain and has begun a second pass examining selected rocks in the outcrop in more detail.Exposed layers on the lower portion of Mount Sharp are expected to hold evidence about dramatic changes in the environmental evolution of Mars, researchers said.That was a major reason NASA chose this area of Mars for this mission. The lowermost of these slices ...

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