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Animatie asteroide zal aarde niet raken

Op 15 februari 2013 zal een asteroide vlak langs de aarde schieten. In deze animatie van ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA ziet u hoe groot de kans is dat het object onze planeet raakt.

Nasa finding confirms Indian theory: Black holes are 'ultra hot balls of fire'

Nov 24, 2015    

Bangalore:An Indian astrophysicist says that the recent observation by Nasa scientists of giant flares of X-rays from a black hole confirms his theory that the so-called black holes are not "true" black holes but actually ultra hot balls of fire like our Sun.According to mainstream astrophysicists, extremely massive stars collapse into ultra compact objects called black holes whose gravitational field is so powerful that even light cannot escape from its imaginary boundary called "event horizon".It came as a surprise when Nasa announced last month that two of its space tele...

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