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21 Dekabr 2012-də Dünya Dağılacaq ???

21 Dekabr 2012-də Dünyanın dağılacağı ilə bağlı bir çox fikirlər var.Bütün cavablar videoda. Məlumatlar NASA - nın rəsmi saytından götürülüb

Water may be found on few other planets in solar system too, says NASA scientist

Oct 09, 2015    

Mumbai: With a recent NASA study confirming presence of water on Mars, Indian-origin scientist working with the US space agency Amitabh Ghosh on Friday said that a few other planets in our solar system too may have water, increasing the possibility of finding life there.Ghosh, who leads 'Science Operations Working Group, Mission Operations, NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission', said, "Our satellites have sent signals of (suggesting) availability of water at few other planets including Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter which enhances the chances of (finding) life in those places."However, mer...

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