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Siemens lotus 12p Hearing aid review

This review is for the Siemens Lotus 12P BTE hearing aid. This hearing aid is one that is mostly found on EBAY although it is also found at several online he...

Press lotus symbol so hard in Haryana that BJP current is felt in Italy Amit Shah

Sep 30, 2014    

Chandigarh Launching BJP's campaign for Haryana Assembly polls, party president Amit Shah on Monday alleged that corruption had flourished during the successive governments in state and sought a decisive mandate for allround development of the state."For 20 years, we are seeing Hooda and Chautala (ruling the state). One comes and corruption flourishes, the other comes both 'gooindaism' and corruption flourish. When you bring us to power, we will root out corruption and 'goondaism' and undertake development," he said without naming anyone.Shah urged the people to reject the forces whi...

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