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Siemens lotus 12p Hearing aid review

This review is for the Siemens Lotus 12P BTE hearing aid. This hearing aid is one that is mostly found on EBAY although it is also found at several online he...

Modi in Baramati PM tears into Pawar's bastion but will the lotus bloom?

Oct 10, 2014    

Just a week before Maharashtra votes for its new Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken his campaign to another level, after he addressed a political rally in the heart of Sharad Pawar's stronghold -- Baramati. Thus far, Baramati has known to no other leader except for the top family of the Nationalist Congress Party, and Modi's drive right into the Pawar bastion is a clear indication of Bharatiya Janata Party's intentions.There are clear signals available that the BJP wants to maintain its tempo generated during the April-May Lok Sabha polls and is quite determined to form a governm...

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