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Jamiat Maulana Madni In Aap Ki Adalat part 1

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind chief Maulana Mehmood Madni, in the eye of a storm over a resolution describing Vande Mataram as un-Islamic, appeared in Rajat Sharmas India TV show Aap Ki Adalat to say that the word vande was objectionable, because it means to pray.

From feline sex to Shah Rukh Khan: The real reasons behind expunging words from Lok Sabha sessions

Jun 08, 2015    

The Indian Express recently put out alist of certain words, when uttered in the Lok Sabha, will never make it to the official records of the proceedings of the session.Lok Sabha expunges or avoids recording certain words or phrases for various reasons ranging from derogatory, allegatory, unparliamentary, not in good taste or a reference to a stranger.The fact that certain words are banned is not surprising, what is surprising are the words themselves and the vague reasons behind expunging them.Shah Rukh Khan and Mother Teresa are expunged for reference to a stranger, while phrases like najayaz...

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