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Jimmy Conrad Signs with Real Madrid, Charms Jose Mourinho

Jimmy Conrad makes a special visit to the Adidas Store in New York City to sign with Real Madrid and hang with Jose Mourinho and Iker Casillas. SUBSCRIBE to ...

Let the La Liga begin It's Madrid's Ronaldo-James-Bale vs Barca's Neymar-Messi-Suarez

Aug 22, 2014    

There'll be mazy runs and tricks and flicks the blur of fluorescent boots and gelled hair, of Luis Suarez' teeth and Cristiano Ronaldo's muscles one caught amid a haze of bluish purple and the other in immaculate white. It will be Barca's South American trio Suarez from the plains of Uruguay to Messi from the pampas of Argentina and Neymar from the favelas of Brazil. It will be Bale roaring down the touchline like a Welsh dragon alongside Iberian superman Ronaldo and dancing Colombian James. There will be goals, dinks, crosses, cards and dives and fouls. There will be Barca. There will be R...

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