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Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Love Story episode 1

Hey guys I asked for ideas a few weeks ago and only 1 came up so Im trying it out hope you like it!!!!Laura:hey rossRoss:hey lauraLaura:can you believe what they,re making us do?Ross:yeah they want us to kiss!director:come on guys time for the kissing scene!Ross and Laura:ughat the set ...

Dressing up homophobia: Subhash Jha and Bollywood's gay kiss of death

Jul 16, 2015    

There is a gay kiss of death in Bollywood.That seems to be the clear suggestion of veteran film critic and journalist Subhash K Jha.Jha has come up with a gallery of actors whose careers never recovered from a gay role.Or so the article alleges, blithely making a cause-effect correlation without offering up an iota of substantiating proof.None of the actors are quoted to ask if they think thats true. Or whether Rahul Bose and Sanjay Suri even think they lost their career after playing gay. Time Magazine did call Bose the superstar of Indian arthouse cinema but obviously that counts for nothing...

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