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Piers Morgan Getting Schooled By Ted Nugent, Jesse Ventura, and 66,000 Americans

Piers Morgan's Petition at the White house is now up to 66000 signatures and counting. Ted Nugent just flat out schools Piers on the gun control issue follo...

Police denies permission for 'Kiss of Love' in Bengaluru, says it will lead to 'obscene acts'

Nov 25, 2014    

Bengaluru: As it raised a storm of protest, the proposed "Kiss of Love" event in Bengaluru on 30 November has been denied permission by police, saying it would lead to public display of affection and other obscene act barred under law.The planned event against moral policing had earned opprobrium from all political parties in the state who found it unacceptable, besides raising the hackles of right-wing organisations which have threatened to counter it."...we have come to the conclusion that if we permit this particular programme, it will lead to public display of kissing and su...

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