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Kiss You (♥Letra)-One Direction

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Things to keep in mind if you're going to kiss ass

Aug 20, 2014    

Dear Ms K,Once I was having sex with my gf and I told her that I wanted to lick her asshole and she was a bit shy.... She allowed me but before that I washed it then I licked it, she was on cloud 9......should I continue to lick her? Is it harmful as we both enjoy that moment?Love, Rimbo.Dear Rimbo,Most people are hesitant to perform rim-jobsbecause they perceive it to be unhygienic. To those naysayers, the interweb has something to say, The idea that someone would smush theirface as deep as possible into a vagina, but absolutely draw the line at the anus, is ridiculous. It's like someone tell...

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