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Jack and Kim A kickin it Love story Part 5

THE NEXT DAY (kIm and Jack holding hands) Jerry- What happened here Milton- yeah I'm very consrened Jack- Kims my Lady Kim- And Jacks my man Eddie- what Jack...

Kerala professor pulled up for participating in 'Kiss in the Street' protest

Jan 16, 2015    

Kissing her husband during a "kiss in the street" protest in Kerala's Khozikode has landed agovernment college professor into trouble.Deeti Damodaran has been pulled up by the college principal and her husband Premchand has been beaten up by Hindutva goons for participating in the 'kiss inthe street' protest on 7 December, 2014.According to this Indian Express report, "Over a month into the incident, Damodaran got a notice from her principal seeking an explanation about her participation in the protest. The action stemmed from a letter purportedly written by a group of anonymous...

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