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Canon In D - Phiên bản Piano ^^ Mời các bạn thưởng thức !!!ững bản nhạc không lời hay và lãng mạn ! Mathug Clann Nill Francis Goya - Armik - Romantic Guitar Nhạc Không Lời Bất Hủ Của Yiruma - Kiss The Rain Những Tình Khúc Vư ...

First kisan rights, now net neutrality: Has Rahul Gandhi 2.0 kissed and made up with social media?

Apr 22, 2015    

Just as you were catching your breath back last week -- after eating, drinking, hugging and takingBFFselfies with the Star Wars: The Force Awakenstrailer in your head --God smirked, 'picture abhi baaki hai'. And threw Rahul Gandhi back in your life last Sunday at a farmer's rally. But before you could roll your eyes and change the TV channel, there he was, delivering a speech that had no metaphorical elephants and bees, that didn't accuse your pants of sheltering politics and didn't make 'system'seem like the new global warming.The day after, he was seen speaking in the Parliament. Now beat th...

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