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Bradley James & Colin Morgan - The Real Merlin and Arthur [1/3]

Stars of the hit drama series Merlin, Colin Morgan and Bradley James, set off across Wales to explore the country's centuries-old connections to the legend of King Arthur and his wizard Merlin. Along the way they encounter enthusiasts and experts in Arthurian lore, and visit some of the most breatht ...

Thank you, Priyanka Chopra, for showing Indian actresses aren't boring, no-kiss divas in Quantico

Oct 05, 2015    

The burning question of Quantico is, will the FBI catch up with Priyanka Chopra before her accent does? But before that, I must give a standing ovation to Priyanka Chopra for what shes managed with Quantico.Unless youve been living under a rock, you already know that the ABC series Quantico is about a bunch of recruits at the FBI Academy in the US. Thats not why its worth excitement. Quantico is the first time an Indian actor has been cast as the central character in an American television show. Glass ceiling, say hello to Priyanka Chopra.The opening shot of Quanticos pilot episode shows debri...

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