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Postal 2 Gameplay on intel gma 3000 128mb

This is my first video. my pc specs Dual Core e2160 1.80 x2 Ram ddr2 2.5gb Videocard Intel GMA 3000 Fps with fraps 30-50 without 40- 100 with this video card we can play this game smoothly.

Narcotics boat and vessel blown up on 31 Dec had the same handlers: intel agencies

Apr 24, 2015    

APakistani boat seized from near Porbandar, from which narcotics worth around Rs 600 crore was seized, hadthe same handlers as those of the boat which blew up on the night of 31 December - 1 January, according to intelligence agencies.The suspicious boat carrying narcotics was seized in a joint operation by the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard on 20 April.The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) had been monitoring satellite and mobile phones in the case of the narcotics boat. In fact, the boat had been successfully intercepted because of recorded conversations from Karachi and those...

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