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MW3: Eye of the Storm (Mission 11) Intel Locations & Playthrough

Intel @ 3_27 7_00 I died at least twice on this mission. Sorry. Please learn from my mistakes. I usually know where to go, and get ahead of the NPC I'm suppo...

Top US intel agency builds Google-like search engine containing millions of records on citizens

Aug 26, 2014    

Washington A top US intelligence agency hasbuilt its own secret "Google-like" search engine for about twodozen government agencies to search information through morethan 850 billion communications records, including phonecalls, emails and internet chats, a media report has said.Reported by The Intercept a recently launched website from the classified documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Google type secret search engine is considered to be key to searching information from over 850 billion records that the US government collects over multiple agencies. It was a mast...

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