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Minecraft - Concurso Skins para o Phoenix! - Resultado Final!

@PhoenixBRnnf - phoenixbrproductions@gmail.comCANAL DO FAMOUUS: galera, essa é a skin vencedora, parabéns ao Famouus, e também parabéns e obrigado a todos os outros que participaram! Muito obrigado a todos que votaram também!Twitter: ...

US concerned over China's military build-up: Intel chief James Clapper

Feb 10, 2016    

Washington: Expressing concern over China's military build-up, the head of US intelligence said Chinese construction activities at its outposts in the disputed South China Sea will continue to spark regional tension."China's leaders are pursuing an active foreign policy while dealing with much slower economic growth. Chinese leaders have also embarked on the much ambitious military forms in China's history," James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence said in his testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday."Regional tension will continue as China pursu...

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