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[Hackintosh/Win8 Build Series] Part 2: Intel Core i3-3225 Unboxing & Overview

Our written post that details everything: PLAYLIST: ========== - APEX COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY - Thanks for supplying the awesome case!- Seagate - Thanks for supplying the speedy and unique hard drive! ...

Intel invests $50 mn in quantum computing research

Sep 04, 2015    

Intel Corporation announced a 10-year collaborative relationship with the Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Research, to accelerate advancements in quantum computing. To achieve this goal, Intel will invest US$50 million and will provide significant engineering resources both on-site and at Intel, as well as technical support. Quantum computing holds the promise of solving complex problems that are practically insurmountable today, including intricate simulations such as large-scale financial analysis and more effective drug development. Quantum computi...

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