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Defiance - San Francisco Intel - Data Recorder Locations - [Echoes of Defiance]

00:21 Data Recorder #1 - "Amelio Rodriguez" 00:46 Data Recorder #2 - "Casti Male - Doe, John" 01:15 Data Recorder #3 - "Subject HM38" 01:40 Data Recorder #4 - "The Beginning of the End" 02:10 Data Recorder #5 - "EMC Occupation" 02:43 Data Recorder #6 - "Defiance in Face of Death" 03:14 Data Recorder ...

'Should use intel to identify Pathankot attack handlers', says editorial in Pakistani daily

Jan 10, 2016    

Islamabad: Pakistan should use its extensive intelligence network to find out who were the Pakistani handlers of the attack on the IAF base in Pathankot and "keep India in the loop", a leading daily in Islamabad said on Sunday.In an editorial, The Nation newspaper said, while India believes that it had put the ball on "this side of the court following the submission of 'actionable intelligence' to Pakistani authorities after the Pathankot attack, it seems that the Pakistani gover...

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