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How To Get Twitter Followers And Instagram Followers - Get Up To 20.000 Followers Per Day For Free!

http://www.instafollows.blogspot.comHi guys, i made this video to show you how to get free instagram followers, it says it only lets you get 20.000 for free, but you can do it as many times as you want, and you can get over 1 million followers with that! The followers will be real people, and gue ...

Mistaken identity: Here's how Andres Iniesta lost his Instagram account and got it back

Jul 23, 2015    

Like most other regular Instagram users, Andres Iniesta used his account to post pictures of his kids, interesting buildings he sees around Madrid, and 'yummy food'. And one fine day, he found his account had been disabled, citing infringement of Instagram's terms of use.That is the downside to sharing your name with a celebrity.This Andres Iniesta in question here is NOT the superstar footballer from Barcelona. A few days back, while on vacation, regular Iniesta suddenly lost access to his account and despite repeated complaints to Instagram, no solution was on offer.A few days later, lo and ...

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