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Siêu xe moto phan khoi lon 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Leo Vince GP Pro Drive By 2013 review test

click SUBSCRIBE để xem nhiều hơn............................... CBR1000 Lowside Crash by rnickeymouse2 years ago1,624100 views Headlights r custom by Brian ...

F1: McLaren braced for troubled start to new Honda era

Mar 06, 2015    

McLaren start the Formula One season in Australia with star signing Fernando Alonso absent and recovering from concussion, a Honda engine that has yet to run sweetly and a car that has spent more time in the garage than testing on track.Crisis? What crisis?The team's racing director Eric Boullier, a Frenchman with enough sangfroid to match any English stiff upper lip, is certainly not about to panic even if others are already predicting a long, hard slog ahead."It's true that we didn't do as many laps as we wanted. It's true that it's going to hurt the development of the car... but we wil...

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