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Como Usar La Pagina De "" [By:Hugo]

Bienvenido a Xtreme Evolution Sports Online (XES Online), una pagina web multimedia dedicada principalmente a toda la transmision en vivo del Futbol (Liga BBVA, Liga Mexicana, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Concacaf, UEFA Europa League y Partidos Internacionales), de lucha libre (WWE Shows y ...

Critics slam HBO drama 'Game of Thrones' for rape scene in latest episode

May 20, 2015    

A US senator is among those condemning a rape scene on HBO's "Game of Thrones."In a comment tweeted on Tuesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill described the sexual assault as "gratuitous" and "disgusting." The Democratic lawmaker from Missouri said she was done with the show.Others critics included the website The Mary Sue, which offers a feminist view of pop culture. The website posted that it would no longer promote "Game of Thrones" and said that rape is not a device to drive a story.HBO declined comment on Tuesday on the reaction to the episode that debuted l...

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